Last update: 26 Sep 2017, 11:53 pm BST.

This document explains where data is stored and what information is collected outside of the RepX mobile app.

By using the RepX application you agree to the terms of this document.

All the data related to your exercise times, the exercises that you do, the number of reps or sets, and so on, is stored only on your device.

Anonymous usage information about how the RepX app is used is collected so the RepX app can be improved. This information is collected using Firebase Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc as part of Google Cloud Platform. Data collected includes but is not limited to:

  • adding, deleting and editing exercises,
  • adding, deleting and editing workouts,
  • tracking workouts and the navigation between different screens,
  • opening saved workouts,
  • changing laps while tracking a workout,
  • changing between the chart and the details view.

A workout is also called a run within the RepX website, this document or the RepX app.

The RepX mailing list collects information about clicking links

On the RepX website and blog we use cookies for the Google Analytics service. It allows us to monitor the traffic and website usage to better understand what we should improve on, what content people engage with most, and so on.

The RepX mailing list is only used to send promotional and informational content to subscribers. We do not sell or otherwise share the information we collect using our mailing list systems with third parties, unless otherwise specified. We collect analytics information like whether emails have been opened and track clicks on links in emails to further improve the content we provide our subscribers with.

This Privacy Policy is updated regularly.

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